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The Advantages of Hydraulic Impact Crusher System

The difference between hydraulic impact crusher and the others is that it uses hydraulic production technology to make the performance advantages improved greatly, and promote it take a bigger proportion in mining market. Here, we’ll introduce some advantages of hydraulic impact crusher system.

The application of the hydraulic system in impact crusher not only makes the whole equipment more automatic, but also has the following advantages.

1. The automation of lubrication

The traditional lubrication cannot ensure the timeliness of lubrication and the amount of adding, which is very different to play a role in lubrication. However, the automatic lubrication can alleviate the components’ wearing degree in the production process of hydraulic impact crusher, to prolong its lifespan. It is very advantageous for improving this crusher’s working efficiency and reducing the maintenance cost, and more conducive to the smooth production of users.

2. The automatic protection function

The hydraulic system can have the automatic protection function in impact crusher. Here is an example. It will have great damage on crusher, if the materials being sent to the machine are including iron blocks and other foreign materials that cannot be crushed. At this moment, the protection system will discharge the foreign materials in time, and it won’t influence the production process, which can make hydraulic impact crusher operate and product safely.

The other advantages of hydraulic impact crusher

1. The crushing advantages: The crushing ratio is high, and the machine has the micro-shaped function.

2. The finished sandstone has excellent shape, so it is greatly welcomed by more and more users.

Henan Fote Hydraulic impact crusher also has the delivery advantage besides the advantages mentioned above on. The common models are in stock and available to directly delivery, and the price of hydraulic impact crusher is not much higher than that of the traditional, so it is more reasonable for users to invest and save their cost.


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